Estimated epistatic effect, LOD score, and variance component between QTL for the rice data

QTL pairLODaa + ddad + daEmbedded Image (%)bEmbedded Image (%)b
I, IV1.14−0.3251.461.55
I, VI0.74−0.2640.971.03
II, IV1.53−0.3561.781.88
III, V0.830.2260.700.74
I, IV1.04−0.3271.481.57
I, V0.060.0790.090.10
I, VI0.860.2670.991.05
III, IV2.41−0.3581.801.90
IV, VI0.880.2070.610.64
  • a Epistatic effects in tons/hectare.

  • b Embedded Image and Embedded Image are the fraction of the phenotypic variance in backcrosses to indica (Embedded Image) and japonica (Embedded Image), respectively, accounted for by each QTL pair epistatic interaction.