Summary of parameter estimation of the MIM model for the maize data

Backcross to
Embedded Imagea85.5290.59
Embedded Imageb44.5927.44
Embedded Imageb177.65126.05
Embedded Imagec113.20
Embedded Image23.80
Embedded Image67.60
Embedded Image10.28
Embedded Image11.53
Embedded Image (%)d74.9078.23
  • a μj is mean of the model for backcross j (bushels/acre).

  • b Embedded Image and Embedded Image are residual and phenotypic variances in (bushels/acre)2 for backcross j, respectively.

  • c Embedded Image is variance in (bushels/acre)2 due to the regression coefficients of the genetic effects in the model that is decomposed in parts due to α, β, γ, and δ.

  • d Embedded Image is coefficient of determination.