Conditional frequency of the QTL gamete from F2 given the marker genotype

QTL gametic frequencies
M1M1M2M2Embedded Image22(1 − ρ1)(1 – ρ2)(1 − ρ12ρ1(1 − ρ2)ρ1ρ2
M1M1M2m2Embedded Image21Embedded Image(1 − ρ1)Embedded Image(1 − ρ1)Embedded Imageρ1Embedded Imageρ1
M1M1m2m2Embedded Image20(1 – ρ12(1 – ρ1)(1 – ρ2)ρ1ρ2ρ1(1 – ρ2)
M1m1M2M2Embedded Image12Embedded Image(1 − ρ2)Embedded Imageρ2Embedded Image(1 − ρ2)Embedded Imageρ2
M1m1M2m2Embedded Image11Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
M1m1m2m2Embedded Image10Embedded Imageρ2Embedded Image(1 − ρ2)Embedded Imageρ2Embedded Image(1 − ρ2)
m1m1M2M2Embedded Image02ρ1(1 − ρ2)ρ1ρ2(1 − ρ1)(1 − ρ2)(1 − ρ12
m1m1M2m2Embedded Image01Embedded Imageρ1Embedded Imageρ1Embedded Image(1 – ρ1)Embedded Image(1 − ρ1)
m1m1m2m2Embedded Image00ρ1ρ2ρ1(1 − ρ2)(1 − ρ12(1 − ρ1)(1 − ρ2)
  • f is frequency of marker genotype; g is a coded variable for marker genotypes; ρ1, ρ, ρ2, and ρ12 are the recombination fractions between M1 and Q1, M1 and M2, Q2 and M2, and Q1 and Q2, respectively; ζ = 1 − 2ρ + 2ρ2.