Features of the estimated marginal posterior distributions of the differences between different genotypes of the 2464G>A SNP for the promoter region of the progesterone receptor gene for litter size (LS), number born alive (NBA), ovulation rate (OR), number of implanted embryos (IE), embryo survival (ES), fetal survival (FS), and prenatal survival (PS) in the F2 population

DHPD95%P (%)RPs (%)Pr (%)
GG–AALS0.510.01, 1.04980.54852
NBA0.49−0.09, 1.00960.55149
OR0.01−0.70, 0.73500.5848
IE0.49−0.55, 1.40820.55047
ES0.52−0.08, 1.13950.54852
FS0.34−0.33, 0.97840.56733
PS0.73−0.09, 1.52960.53070
GG–GALS0.500.06, 0.92990.56535
NBA0.490.10, 0.91990.55248
OR−0.30−0.79, 0.24880.57822
IE0.13−0.55, 0.86650.58115
ES0.42−0.15, 1.00910.56139
FS0.17−0.30, 0.65760.5909
PS0.36−0.25, 0.94870.56832
  • D, posterior mean of the difference; HPD95%, highest posterior density region at 95%; P, P(D > 0) when D > 0 and P(D < 0) when D < 0; R, assumed relevant difference between genotypes; Ps, probability of similarity (probability of the absolute value of D being lower than R); Pr, probability of relevance [P(D > R) when D > 0 and P(D < R) when D < 0].