P1-rr segregates phenotypically unchanged after being exposed to paramutagenic P1.2b∷GUS and P1-rr′ in the mop1-1 homozygote

Pericarp pigmentation (mop1-1/Mop1)
Transgenic eventRedOrangePatternedTotalχ2 (P)a
P147-941226692.4 (0.12)
P147-3720123440.4 (0.54)
  • a The null hypothesis tested is that P1-rr segregates unchanged from the mop1-1 homozygote at 50% frequency. Orange and patterned ears were combined for χ2 calculations. If P1-rr had paramutated to P1-rr′ in a previous generation, an excess of patterned ears would be expected; this was not observed.