Sequence analysis of Htg QTL

QTL (chromosome)QTL coordinatesaSize (bp)No. of genesbTotal SNPscNo. of nonsynonymous SNPsNo. of genes with coding differences
Htg-QTL-2 (XIV)395,662–410,65414,992871146
Htg-QTL-3 (XV)921,238–965,555d44,31716842210
Htg-QTL-4 (IV)1,325,183–1,385,259e60,076283204317
  • a Coordinates of the highest linkage peak relative to S288c sequence.

  • b Confirmed ORFs within QTL coordinates, according to SGD annotations (

  • c Sequence polymorphisms, including nucleotide substitutions, insertions and deletions, between YJM421 and S288c.

  • d Htg-QTL-3 coordinates are based on linkage data from F1-14d/S288c and F1-50b/S288c segregants (see Figure 3).

  • e Coordinates from 1,325,183–1,330,000 bp, 1,352,288–1,353,000 bp, and 1,384,924–1,385,259 bp relative to S288c sequence were not sequenced.