Percentage of inheritance of YJM421-derived alleles in Htg+ segregants of analyzed crosses

QTL (chromosome)Coordinates (bp) (gene)aYJM421/S288c (F1)F1-14d/S288c (BC1)bF1-50b/S288c (BC1)b
Htg-QTL-1 (XIV)468,446 (MKT1)87.5NAcNAc
Htg-QTL-2 (XIV)401,389 (NCS2)95.3100.0NAc
Htg-QTL-3 (XV)948,43773.477.592.3
Htg-QTL-4 (IV)1,375,11759.4d59.2d81.5
  • a Position of measured marker, relative to S288c sequence.

  • b BC1, first generation of backcross.

  • c Not applicable (NA) since S288c-derived alleles were present at this position in both parental strains (see Figure 2B).

  • d Not significantly different from random segregation (50%).