Suitability of oma-1(zu405) silencing assay in heritable silencing interference studies

TestdsRNA triggerRecipient genotypeAnimals testedBiological effect
Effect of specific dsRNAoma-1 (A1)oma-1(zu405)5>50 progeny (5/5)
Effect of specific dsRNAoma-1 (A2)oma-1(zu405)5>50 progeny (5/5)
Effect of nonspecific dsRNAgfpoma-1(zu405)5Dead eggs only (5/5)
Effect of nonspecific dsRNAunc-22oma-1(zu405)3Dead eggs only (3/3)
Effect of no dsRNA triggerNoneoma-1(zu405)3Dead eggs only (3/3)
Dependence on RNAi machineryoma-1 (A1)oma-1(zu405); rde-1(ne300)5Dead eggs only (5/5)
  • We tested the response of animals carrying mutations in the oma-1 gene to determine the feasibility of the assay to study heritable silencing. Viable progeny at the restrictive temperature (23°) for animals oma-1(zu405) are the positive readout for silencing. Dead eggs only are negative readout for silencing.