Resistance levels of wild-type and Ocd lines to DDT

LineSexLD50 (μg/vial) (95% C.I.)Resistance ratio
Oregon-RMale0.38 (0.21–0.54)1.00
Female0.62 (0.31–1.00)1.00
Ocd2/FM7Female0.12 (0.08–0.16)0.19
Ocd5Male432.72 (330–530)1138.74
Female801.67 (550–1720)1293.02
  • LD50 was calculated for wild-type Oregon-R males and females, heterozygous Ocd2 females (T1551I), and homozygous Ocd1 males and females (I1545M and G1571R). Ocd2 homozygous females and hemizygous males are lethal, so no data were available. Confidence intervals (95%) are displayed. For each test group, n = 360. Resistance ratio with reference to Oregon-R is also shown.