HKA tests on synonymous polymorphism and divergence at six X-linked markers vs. MSL-binding sites, using maximum likelihood

Modelln Lk (18D10)k (roX1)k (roX2)Likelihood-ratio statistic (d.f.)P-value
D. melanogaster neutral (k = 1)−56.711113.4 (3)0.004*
Selection on MSL-binding sites−50.00.350.150.16
D. simulans neutral (k = 1)−57.11114.6 (3)0.204
Selection on MSL-binding sites−54.91.780.261.53
D. yakuba neutral (k = 1)−53.91116.9 (3)0.075
Selection on MSL-binding sites−50.40.710.220.09
  • D. simulans was used as the outgroup for the D. melanogaster or D. yakuba populations, and D. melanogaster was used as the outgroup for the D. simulans population. The selection parameter k indicates how much diversity is elevated at the locus over neutral expectation given levels of divergence. *P < 0.05.