Amplification products that show associations with a particular SFB allele

SLFL1 allele or haplotypeIndividuals that show the expected amplification productSFB allele
B18-2B13, B14, B16, B18, B26SFB2
B8-4B8SFB15 or SFB16 or SFB17 or SFB18a
B15-3/B18-3B14, B15, B18, B22, B26SFB5
B8-6/B15-4/B18-1B5, B7, B8, B13, B15, B17, B26SFB24
SLFL1-S8-RNaseB10B6, B10, B16, B19, B24SFB8
SLFL1-S1-RNaseB19B15, B16, B19, B21, B22, B24, B25, B28SFB1
  • a These four SFB alleles appear only in the B8 individual (Nunes et al. 2006; Vieira et al. 2008a).