DNA sequence variation summary

All Prunus (N = 22)P. spinosa (N = 15)P. mume (N = 3)P. dulcis (N = 2)P. spinosa (N = 12)
Silent π JC0.093400.105320.058930.078800.02639
LD1108 (1)/15931663 (0)/113255 (1)/15
ϕ-testP < 5 × 10−7P < 5 × 10−9P = 0.085
  • N, number of sequences used; π, average number of pairwise nucleotide differences per base pair Jukes–Cantor corrected (Nei 1987); Rm, minimum number of recombination events (Hudson and Kaplan 1985); 4GT, number of pairwise comparisons presenting the four gametic types over the total number of all pairwise comparisons; LD, pairs of sites showing significant linkage disequilibrium using Fisher's exact test (in parentheses after Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons) over the total number of all pairwise comparisons ; ZnS, average of R2 values over all pairwise comparisons (Kelly 1997); ϕ-test, probability of observing the inferred nucleotide homoplasies under the assumption of no recombination, as implemented in SplitsTree4 (Huson and Bryant 2006).