Linkage distances, D, in centimorgans estimated between two pairs of loci on linkage group 1 from various progeny

Locus pair
D estimated from progeny ofAm 062-031Am 062-109
A. m. capensis queen (normal meiosis)a22.4
A. m. capensis queen (thelytokous parthenogenesis)b56.532.4
A. m. mellifera worker (arrhenotokous parthenogenesis)a6.5
A. m. mellifera queen (normal meiosis)c17.44.2
  • a Table 2 of Baudry et al. (2004), using the Haldane correction.

  • b This study, calculated using the Rizet and Engelmann (1949) correction from data in Figure 1.

  • c Derived from the Solignac-3 map (Solignac et al. 2007).