Genetic diversity at SEL* vs. non-SEL* loci

CycleMarker typeaNo. locibAverage allele no.Dc
C0SEL*254.5 (3.6–5.4)d0.50 (0.40–0.56)
Non-SEL*253.8 (2.9–4.6)0.45 (0.37–0.51)
C4SEL*254.8 (3.9–5.6)0.58 (0.49–0.65)
Non-SEL*253.7 (3.1–4.3)0.45 (0.37–0.51)
  • a SEL* markers exhibited significant deviations from drift expectations and non-SEL* markers did not.

  • b Sample sizes of SEL* and non-SEL* loci were made comparable by randomly drawing 25 of the 112 non-SEL* loci.

  • c Unbiased estimate of gene diversity.

  • d Ninety-five percent confidence intervals (in parentheses) were calculated using 100 bootstrap resamplings in PowerMarker v. 3.25.