Allelic associations between the CFA16 microsatellite and SNP markers

Distance (Mb)aNo. of allelesFrequency of associated alleleb (no. of individuals)Odds (C.I. of 95%)c
MarkerNormalPPDχ2 (1)dP-valuePc valuee
REN85M0821.170/48 (24)17/42 (21)23.959.87 × 10−76.91 × 10−6
ShotR221.2221/48 (24)41/44 (22)10.63 (2.51 45.06)16.245.58 × 10−5
REN124F1949.6613/26 (23)17/42 (19)2.05 (0.81 5.18)2.460.120.72
  • a Distances were based on the canine genome database (May 2005 for Boxer,

  • b Frequencies of highly associated alleles are presented as the number of a particular allele among the number of all alleles. In microsatellite analysis, P-values were obtained for all combinations, each with a particular allele versus the other alleles combined. Only the P-value for the most highly associated allele is shown. Individuals were selected from nine breeds (details in supplemental Table 3S).

  • c C.I. denotes the confidence interval. The odds ratio for REN85M08 could not be estimated due to the lack of PPD-associated alleles in normal individuals.

  • d χ2 values with degrees of freedom in parentheses were obtained using Pearson's method.

  • e P-values were corrected by multiplying the number of microsatellite alleles observed for each locus.