Genes exhibiting twofold or greater changes in transcript abundance when females received an Acp from their mate relative to females who did not receive an Acp from their mate at the test-wise significance cutoff of P < 0001

GeneFold changeP-value
Genes regulated by ovulin
    Chorion protein 152.19<0.001
    Jonah 25Bii1.31<0.001
Genes regulated by Acp36DE
Genes regulated by Acp29AB
    defective chorion 11.07<0.001
    la costa1.00<0.001
    Lysozyme E1.440.001
    Neuropeptide-like precursor 32.300.001
    Senescence marker protein-301.03<0.001
    Vitelline membrane 32E1.17<0.001
Genes regulated by Acp62F
    Chorion protein 152.42<0.001
    Chorion protein 191.530.001
    Neuropeptide-like precursor 31.360.001
  • Only genes with twofold or greater changes in expression levels are shown. Fold change is given in log2.