Genes with high fold-change in transcript levels in mated females relative to virgin females

GeneLog2 fold change
Genes regulated at 1–3 hr post mating
    Odorant binding protein 99a1.05
    female-specific independent of transformer1.26
    Chorion protein 36−2.75
    Chorion protein 38−2.93
    Neuropeptide-like precursor 3−2.04
    Troponin C4−2.05
Genes regulated at 6–8 hr post-mating
    Immune molecule 21.26
    Jonah 25Bi2.15
    Lethal (2) essential for life1.00
Genes regulated at 12 hr post-mating
    Odorant binding protein 99a1.27
    Vitelline membrane 26Aa1.34
    Vitelline membrane 26Ab1.59
    Vitelline membrane 34Ca1.44
    Yolk protein 11.60
    Yolk protein 21.74
Genes regulated at 24 hr post-mating
    Vitelline membrane 26Aa1.88
    Vitelline membrane 32E2.12
    Vitelline membrane 34Ca2.19
    Yolk protein 11.62
    Yolk protein 21.87
    Yolk protein 31.87
    transient receptor potential−1.21
  • Only genes within the Q-value set that exhibit fourfold or greater changes in expression levels are shown for the 1- to 3-hr time point. Genes exhibiting twofold or greater differences in transcript levels are given for all other time points. Data for all other genes can be accessed in the supplemental material.