F1 and parental performance, midparent value, and F1 heterosis

Heterosis (%)b
TraitaExpress ♀R53 ♂MPVF1MPHHPH
GY4.762.353.564.6230.0**−3.0 NS
TKW4.444.214.324.29−0.7 NS−3.2**
S/Sil25.4123.9724.6927.4611.2*8.1 NS
Sil/dm243.4024.1333.7640.1819.0**−7.4 NS
  • Significance is shown at *P = 0.05 and **P = 0.01, respectively. NS, not significant.

  • a GY, TKW, S/Sil, Sil/dm2: grain yield (tons per hectare), thousand-kernel weight (grams), seeds per silique, and siliques per square decimeter, respectively.

  • b MPH and HPH: midparent heterosis and high parent heterosis.