Number of animals, sires, haplotypes, and markers per country and breed

CategoryAbbreviationNo. animalsNo. siresHaplotypes usedbNo. haplotypesNo. SNPs before editingNo. SNPs after editing
Dutch BW HFaHF_NLD1296105Pat + mat259230722755
Dutch RW HFRW_NLD18935Pat + mat37830722755
Australian HFHF_AUS383119Pat + mat76699196927
Australian AngusANG_AUS37993Pat + mat75893296927
New Zealand HFHF_NZL43081Mat43097135928
New Zealand JerseyJER_NZL36567Mat36597135928
  • a BW, black and white; RW, red and white; HF, Holstein–Friesian.

  • b Both paternal and maternal (pat + mat) or only maternal (mat) haplotypes were used.