Overexpression of mlh3-D523N confers a strong dominant-negative phenotype in lys2:insE-A14 reversion assays

Genotype, 2μ expression plasmidnMutation rate (10−7), (95% C. I.)Relative to wild type
Wild type, empty vector162.3 (0.97–3.6)1
Wild type, pGAL10-MLH1151920 (1550–2820)835
Wild type, pGAL10-MLH3132590 (1940–3530)1120
Wild type, pGAL10-mlh3-D523N154200 (3080–5880)1820
Wild type, pGAL10-mlh3-E529K125.5 (2.9–8.8)2.4
mlh1Δa2020,200 (16,800–23,500)8770
  • EAY1269 (S288c lys2∷insE-A14) transformed with pEAO34 (empty 2μ vector), pEAE102 (GAL10-MLH1, 2μ), pEAE220 (GAL10-MLH3, 2μ), pEAE282 (GAL10-mlh3-D523N, 2μ), or pEAE289 (GAL10-mlh3-E529K, 2μ) was examined for reversion to Lys+ (materials and methods). The mutation rates, actual (95% C. I.) and relative to EAY1269 transformed with pEAO34, are presented. n, number of independent cultures tested.

  • a Mutation rate determined for EAY1366.