QTL identified for single gene genomewide scans of the two crosses

CrossChraPeak (cM)95% C.I. (cM)Locus nameLODbSusc. allele, (inheritance)cNearest marker
127028–88Albq13.5A (rec)02-139603599-M
192412–27Albq32.1A and B619-059089086-M
245429–73Albq43.2A (dom)04-107204545-N
62911–612.6A (rec)06-076285738-M
  • a Chromosome.

  • b Significance of QTL LOD scores was assessed using 1000 permutations of the phenotypic data (Churchill and Doerge 1994). Significant QTL are reported at the genomewide adjusted 0.05 level (LOD 2.97 in cross 1 and LOD 3.35 in cross 2) and suggestive QTL at genomewide 0.63 level (LOD 1.93 in cross 1 and LOD 2.01 in cross 2) (Lander and Kruglyak 1995).

  • c Susceptible allele and likely mode of inheritance: rec, recessive; dom, dominant.