Probabilities of several events happening between times 0 and T/2 for geometry a; see Figure 4

(i)No recombination eventpSLpLR
(ii)An LR-recombination event makes the allele at the R-locus escape the sweep without the allele at the L-locus.pSL(1 − pLR)
(iii)By an SL-recombination event the line escapes the sweep and the alleles at the L- and the R-locus stay linked.(1 – pSL)pLR
(iv)An SL-recombination event brings the alleles at the L- and R-loci linked into the wild-type background; here, the ancestry of both alleles is split by an LR-recombination.ℙ[(iv) or (v)] = (1 – pSL)(1 – pLR)
(v)An LR- and an SL-recombination event bring first the allele at the R-locus and then the allele at the L-locus into the wild-type background.
  • All events are described backward in time.