lin-33(n2003) mutant Pn.p cell fate at early L2 larval stage

Animal no.P1.pP2.pP3.pP4.pP5.pP6.pP7.pP8.pP9.pP10.pP11.pNo. X, sm
Wild type+++++++++++0, 0
1++X+++++++X2, 0
2X+X++++Xsm++3, 1
3+++XX+X++X+4, 0
4XXX+X+X+X++6, 0
5+X+sm+X+X+++3, 1
6+XXsm++X++XX5, 1
7Xsm+XXX+++smsm4, 3
8+X+X++smX+XX5, 1
9X+X++XX+X+X6, 0
Total4, 04, 15, 03, 23, 03, 04, 13, 02, 13, 14, 138, 7
  • lin-33(n2003) animals were observed using Nomarski optics from the mid-L1 to the early L2 larval stage. In each box, the appearance of the corresponding Pn.p cell is noted: X, cell died; +, the nucleus looked normal; sm, the nucleus looked abnormally small. In the last column the number of Pn.p cells that died and the number of Pn.p cell nuclei that looked abnormally small are given, separated by a comma. In wild-type animals, all Pn.p cells looked normal.