Genomewide significant QTL for body weight at 200 days of age using Haley–Knott regression with additive effects and FIA, and estimated levels of fixation within founder lines, from an F2 Red Jungle Fowl × White Leghorn intercross

Chr.Pos. (cM)Locus nameaLR: H0: no QTLChr.Pos. (cM)ScoreLR: H0: no QTLEmbedded ImageρP-value:b H0: fixed QTL
1102Growth 1249.6c110222,312c235.01,7551.001.00
1488Growth 269.2c14882,222c73.02,4480.17<0.01
532Growth 814.9d53299.6d18.02,9030.860.01
2720Growth 1312.8d272189.1d23.62,9190.00<0.01
  • Chr., chromosome; Pos., position.

  • a Locus name as assigned in Kerje et al. (2003). The QTL on chromosomes 6 and 28 were not detected in Kerje et al. (2003) where a less dense marker map was used.

  • b Calculated from the likelihood-ratio test statistic Embedded Image distributed under the null hypothesis (Self and Liang 1987).

  • c 1% genomewide significance.

  • d 5% genomewide significance.