Likelihood ratios from Haley–Knott regression with additive effects and FIA together with the estimated within-line correlation (ρ) for four simulated scenarios

Simulated casesaSimulated ρEstimated ρLikelihood ratiolikelihood ratio
Case 11.000.99 (0.001)b168.1 (2.5)b174.3 (2.5)b
Case 20.680.71 (0.009)160.6 (2.1)130.5 (2.3)
Case 30.200.21 (0.011)150.4 (2.4)44.3 (1.9)
Case 40.000.0004 (10−5)152.9 (2.5)2.3 (0.5)
  • a The simulated cases 1–4 cover scenarios from total fixation to complete segregation within lines. One hundred replicates of an F2 pedigree with four founders and 800 F2 individuals with a strong QTL effect having a 20% heritability were simulated.

  • b Standard errors are within parentheses.