Proportion of A and B QTL alleles in the two founder lines of a line cross for the four simulated scenarios ranging from a fixed QTL (case 1) to a completely segregating QTL (case 4)

Case 1aCase 2aCase 3bCase 4a
Line AA alleles113/41/2
B alleles001/41/2
Line BA alleles01/61/41/2
B alleles15/63/41/2
  • a For cases 1, 2, and 4, the small base pedigree consisted of one founder in line A and three founders in line B, which was the base generation structure in the Red Jungle Fowl × White Leghorn F2 intercross reported by Kerje et al. (2003).

  • b For case 3, the small base pedigree consisted of two founders in line A and two founders in line B.