Null distribution of IBD probabilities: proportions of estimated IBD probabilities less than specified values for non-IBD regions

Probabilities at individual locationsProbabilities maximized over regions
30 kb0.9380.9830.9910.250.880.96
3 kb0.9760.9940.9960.670.940.95
Chromosome 10.9910.9960.9970.970.990.99
Chromosome 210.9981.0001.0000.951.001.00
  • IBD probabilities were estimated for pairs of non-IBD haplotypes. In addition to considering probabilities estimated at individual locations, the maximum estimated IBD probability in each region was noted. The proportions of estimated IBD probabilities taking values <0.01, 0.1, and 0.5 at individual locations (“Probabilities at individual locations”) and maximized over the region (“Probabilities maximized over regions”) are shown. Rows correspond to different marker densities: 30-kb average spacing (100 markers per region), 3-kb average spacing (400 markers), and subsets of 300 consecutive markers taken from chromosomes 1 and 21 of the Affymetrix 500K panel.