Significance tests for differences between parental and hybrid pools

I vs. FaB vs. H vs. RbH vs. RcH vs. Bd
GeneNameProtein functionF-statisticeP-valueF-statisticP-valuet-valueP-valuet-valueP-value
CG10501amdDecarboxylase activity5.5180.0571.1200.3961.7700.1510.2500.816
CG1644Cyp6t1Electron carrier activity0.3540.5741.8480.2511.4800.214−1.4400.223
CG6206Mannosidase activity10.5590.0171.9040.2431.8100.145−0.7100.515
CG6462Endopeptidase activity0.2080.6650.5840.5921.0900.338−0.1400.899
CG6600Cation transporter9.0430.0240.2060.821−0.6100.576−0.0700.950
CG8707GTPase activity0.0020.9651.2060.3740.1700.8701.3200.257
  • a I and F are relative expression between parental genotypes, as described in Figure 1; numerator degrees of freedom (d.f.) = 1, denominator d.f. = 6.

  • b B, H, and R are relative allelic expression between hybrid genotypes, as described in Figure 2; numerator d.f. = 2, denominator d.f. = 5.

  • c H and R are genetically identical hybrids that differ by which parent transmitted which allele; d.f. = 4.

  • d H and B hybrid genotypes differ by one X chromosome; d.f. = 4.

  • e F-statistics, t-values, and associated P-values were calculated using the mixed linear model described in Figure legends 1 and 2.