Summary of positive Drosophila lines

PBac lineCG no.SymbolPBac orientation relative to geneGene ontology/molecular function
10036CG11489aWithin fifth intron of CG11489ATP binding, receptor signaling, protein serine/threonine kinase activity
10067CG10536acbxWithin first intron of cbxUbiquitin-conjugating enzyme activity
10269CG13564aWithin 5′-UTR of CG13564
10496CG14899aWithin 5′-UTR of CG14899
10618CG11293a400 bp from CG11293
10675CG15120/CG16926Within 3′ end of CG15120 and CG16926
10743CG13788agr28bWithin first intron of Gr28bTaste receptor activity
10881CG32706aWithin 100 bp of 3′ end of CG32706mRNA binding
17872CG4857abWithin first intron of CG4857
18050CG2247aWithin first intron of CG2247
18270CG3527bWithin 5′-UTR of CG3527rRNA processing, ribosomal small subunit processing
18398CG2152abpcmtWithin 200 bp of 5′ end of pcmtProtein-l-isoaspartate (d-aspartate) O-methyltransferase activity
18609CG12487abobAWithin coding region of BobANotch signaling pathway, cell fate specification
18678CG2914abets21CWithin first intron of Ets21CDNA binding, transcription factor activity
19181CG6128bWithin coding region of CG6128α-l-fucosidase activity, fucose metabolism
19207CG2397bcyp6a13Within coding region of Cyp6a13Electron transporter activity, oxidoreductase activity
19220CG3056bWithin 3′ end of CG3056mRNA binding
19305CG7408bWithin 5′-UTR of CG7408N-acetylgalactosamine-4-sulfatase activity
  • The insertion sites and closest gene of the PBac element for each mutant line are listed. The insertion sites were determined by Exelixis using iPCR and verified by FlyBase and are publicly available.

  • a We verified the insertion sites of lines by iPCR. The proposed molecular functions of the genes as provided by FlyBase are also listed.

  • b Genes tested in the RNAi screens by Cheng et al. (2005).