Yeast strains

StrainRelevant genotypeaSourceb
SJR328-derived haploids
GCY313cβ2-100% substratesNicholson et al. (2000)
GCY420cβ2-100%, msh3Δ∷hisG msh6Δ∷hisGNicholson et al. (2000)
SJR1906cβ2-100%, pol30-201:LEU2This study
SJR2173cβ2-100%, msh3Δ∷hisG msh6Δ∷hisGThis study
SJR1896cβ2-100%, pol30-204:LEU2This study
SJR2127cβ2-100%, pol30-201,204:LEU2This study
SJR2084cβ2-100%, pol30-104:LEU2This study
SJR2083cβ2-100%, pol30-52This study
SJR2573cβ2-100%, mlh1Δ∷hygMXThis study
SJR2575cβ2-100%, mlh1-QLF:kanMXThis study
SJR2690cβ2-100%, msh6Δ∷hisGSJR1856 transformed with pRS315
SJR2691cβ2-100%, msh6Δ∷hisG/MSH6SJR1856 transformed with pRDK3572
SJR2692cβ2-100%, msh6Δ∷hisG/msh6Δ2-251SJR1856 transformed with pRDK4650
SJR2693cβ2-100%, msh6Δ∷hisG/msh6Δ51-251SJR1856 transformed with pRDK4715
SJR2694cβ2-100%, msh6Δ∷hisG/msh6-FFAA,Δ51-251SJR1856 transformed with pRDK4758
GCY562/615cβ2-4ns substratesNicholson et al. (2000)
GCY834cβ2-4ns, msh3Δ∷hisG msh6Δ∷hisGNicholson et al. (2000)
SJR1889cβ2-4ns, pol30-204:LEU2This study
SJR1899cβ2-4ns, pol30-201:LEU2This study
SJR2174cβ2-4ns, msh3Δ∷hisG msh6Δ∷hisG pol30-201:LEU2This study
SJR2126cβ2-4ns, pol30-201,204:LEU2This study
SJR2082cβ2-4ns, pol30-104:LEU2This study
SJR2081cβ2-4ns, pol30-52This study
SJR2574cβ2-4ns, mlh1Δ∷hygMXThis study
SJR2576cβ2-4ns, mlh1-QLF:kanMXThis study
SJR2695cβ2-4ns, msh6Δ∷hisGSJR1850 transformed with pRS315
SJR2696cβ2-4ns, msh6Δ∷hisG/MSH6SJR1850 transformed with pRDK3572
SJR2697cβ2-4ns, msh6Δ∷hisG/msh6Δ2-251SJR1850 transformed with pRDK4650
SJR2698cβ2-4ns, msh6Δ∷hisG/msh6Δ51-251SJR1850 transformed with pRDK4715
SJR2699cβ2-4ns, msh6Δ∷hisG/msh6-FFAA,Δ51-251SJR1850 transformed with pRDK4758
AS4-derived haploids
RKY1721msh2∷Tn10LUK7-7Alani et al. (1994)
JSY203msh2∷Tn10LUK7-7 ARG4This study
JSY208ARG4This study
JSY173pol30-52This study
JSY209pol30-52 ARG4This study
SJR2183leu2Δ∷kanMXThis study
SJR2202leu2Δ∷kanMX pol30-201:LEU2This study
JSY345pol30-201:LEU2Spore derived from SJR2202 × JSY125
JSY125cMATa + pDJ173Stone and Petes (2006)
HMY104msh2Δ∷kanMX4Kearney et al. (2001)
JSY218MATa msh2Δ∷kanMX4 + pDJ173Spore derived from JSY125 × HMY104
JSY352msh2Δ∷kanMX4 pol30-201:LEU2Spore derived from JSY218 × JSY345
SJR2577mlh1-QLF:kanMXThis study
HMY134msh6Δ∷kanMX4Kearney et al. (2001)
SJR2705msh6Δ∷kanMX4 leu2Δ∷hygThis study
AS13-derived haploids
PD73his4-AAGDetloff et al. (1991)
PD98his4-3133Detloff et al. (1992)
RKY1452his4-AAG msh2∷Tn10LUK7-7Alani et al. (1994)
JSY162his4-AAG pol30-52This study
SJR2184his4-AAG leu2Δ∷kanMXThis study
SJR2203his4-AAG leu2Δ∷kanMX pol30-201:LEU2This study
JSY222his4-AAG msh2Δ∷kanMX pol30-52Spore derived from JSY214 × JSY162
JSY332his4-AAG leu2Δ∷kanMX pol30-201:LEU2 msh2Δ∷hygBmsh2Δ∷hygB derivative of SJR2203
HMY101msh2Δ∷kanMX his4∷U1.1aKearney et al. (2001)
HMY131MATαKearney et al. (2001)
JSY214MATα his4-AAG msh2Δ∷kanMXSpore derived from HMY101 × JSY127
JSY350his4-AAG msh2Δ∷hygB pol30-201:LEU2Spore derived from JSY332 × HMY131
JSY351MATα pol30-201:LEU2Spore derived from JSY332 × HMY131
JSY344his4-AAG pol30-201:LEU2Spore derived from JSY127 × SJR2203
JSY127MATα his4-AAGStone and Petes (2006)
JSY355his4-3133 pol30-201:LEU2Spore derived from JSY351 X PD98
SJR2578his4-AAG mlh1-QLF:kanMXThis study
JSY144his4-AAG msh6Δ∷kanMX4Stone and Petes (2006)
SJR2506his4-AAG msh6Δ∷kanMX4/MSH6JSY144 transformed with pRDK3572
SJR2507his4-AAG msh6Δ∷kanMX4/msh6-FFAA,Δ51-251JSY144 transformed with pRDK4758
Diploid strains
PD83his4-AAG/HIS4Detloff et al. (1991)
PD99his4-3133/HIS4Detloff et al. (1992)
MW103his4-Sal/HIS4Stone and Petes (2006)
JSY338his4-51/his4-51 his4-AAG/HIS4Stone and Petes (2006)
No. 5his4-AAG/HIS4 msh2∷Tn10LUK7-7/ msh2∷Tn10LUK7-7Alani et al. (1994)
JSY240his4-Sal/HIS4 msh2Δ∷kanMX/msh2Δ∷kanMXStone and Petes (2006)
JSY230his4-Sal/HIS4 mlh1Δ∷kanMX/mlh1Δ∷hygBStone and Petes (2006)
JSY343his4-51/his4-51 his4-AAG/HIS4 msh2Δ∷kanMX/msh2Δ∷kanMXStone and Petes (2006)
JSY175his4-AAG/HIS4 pol30-52/pol30-52JSY173 × JSY162
JSY346his4-AAG/HIS4 pol30-201:LEU2/pol30-201:LEU2JSY345 × JSY344
JSY354his4-AAG/HIS4 msh2Δ∷kanMX/mshΔ2∷hygB pol30-201:LEU2/pol30-201:LEU2JSY352 × JSY350
JSY356his4-3133/HIS4 pol30-201:LEU/pol30-201:LEU2JSY345 × JSY355
HMY95his4-AAG/HIS4 mlh1Δ∷kanMX4/mlh1Δ∷URA3Welz-Voegele et al. (2002)
DB101his4-AAG/HIS4 mlh1Δ∷URA3/mlh1Δ∷URA3Welz-Voegele et al. (2002)
SJR2577 × SJR2578his4-AAG/HIS4 mlh1-QLF:kanMX/mlh1-QLF:kanMXThis study
SJR2705 × SJR2706HIS4/his4-AAG msh6Δ∷kanMX4/msh6Δ∷kanMX4 + plasmid-borne MSH6This study
SJR2705 × SJR2707HIS4/his4-AAG msh6Δ∷kanMX4/msh6Δ∷kanMX4 + plasmid-borne msh6-FFAA,Δ51-251This study
  • a All strains were derived from haploid strains SJR328 (MATα ade2-101 his3Δ200 ura3ΔNhe lys2ΔRV∷hisG leu2-R; Nicholson et al. 2000), AS4 (MATα arg4-17 trp1-1 tyr7-1 stp22 ade6 ura3; Stapleton and Petes 1991), or AS13 (MATa leu2-Bst ade6 ura3 rme1; Stapleton and Petes 1991) by transformation or by crosses with isogenic strains. Only those markers that are different from the haploid progenitor strains are shown.

  • b In crosses, AS4- and AS13-derived strains are shown on the left and the right of the ×, respectively.

  • c The plasmid pDJ173 (URA3 STP22) allows diploid strains derived from AS4 to sporulate (Stone and Petes 2006).