Notation used in the text and the model

XHotspot locus
H, H, hOne-locus model: control locus, cold allele, hot allele
Modifier model: cis locus, cold allele, hot allele
M, M, mModifier locus, active allele, inactive allele
hiDominance of i allele over alternative allele (at H locus in one-locus model and at M locus in modifier model)
βH, βh“Hot” double-strand break rate, “cold” double-strand break rate
βi,jPer-haplotype double-strand break rate of chromosome i in diploid genotype ij
pi, pijFrequency of allele i, frequency of chromosome ij
Embedded Image, Embedded ImageEquilibrium frequencies
σSelection gradient: slope of relationship between fitness and DSB rate
μ, νMutation rates at H locus (Embedded Image)
τOne-locus model: probability that locus H is converted when a DSB occurs at locus X
Modifier model: probability that locus M is converted when locus H is converted
rRate of recombination between H and M loci (modifier model only)