Identification of human homologs for 172 gene insertions identified in the screen

Yeast proteinHuman homologYeast proteinHuman homologYeast proteinHuman homolog
Ack1pSEL1L (D)Mcm21pMCM21R (E)Sec15pSEC15L2 (A, B, C); EXOC6 (D)
Ape2pNPEPPS (A, B, C, D)Mes1pMARS (A, B, C); SYMPK (D)Sec6pSEC6L1 (A); EXOC3 (B, D)
Apl4pAP1G1 (A, C, D)Mia40pCHCHD4 (A, C, D, E)Smc4pSMC4 (A, B, C, D)
Atg26pUGT3A2 (D)Mnn4pANP32E (A)Smy2pTNNT1 (A); PERQ1 (D)
Aus1pABCG2 (D)Mrc1pCLSPN (E)Snf3pGTR2 (D)
Bfr2pAATF (A, B, C)Mrs6pCHM (B, C, E); GDI1 (D)Snt2pAF17 (D)
Bph1pNSMAF (A); WDFY4 (C); ABCC1 (D)Msh5pMSH5 (A, B, C, D, E)Snu66pSART1 (A, C)
Bpt1pABCC6 (C); WDFY3 (D)Muc1pMUC5B (A); MUC16 (C)Sor1pSORD (A, C, D)
Cdc9pLIG1 (A, B, C, E); DNL1 (D)Nab2pZC3H14 (D)Spe1pODC1 (A, B, C, D)
Chs3pHAS3 (D)Nft1pMRP2 (D)Spe4pSRM (C, D)
Cox13pCOX6A1 (A, C, D)Ngr1pTIAL1 (A, D); TRSPAP1 (C)Spp2pGPKOW (C)
Dbp5pDDX19A (A, B, C, D)Nmd2pUPF2 (A, B, C, D, E)Srv2pCAP2 (A, D); CAP1 (B, C, E)
Dbp6pDDX51 (A, B, C, D)Npp1pENPP5 (A,B); ENPP3 (C,D,E)Stu2pCKAP5 (A, C, D)
Dbr1pDBR1 (A, B, C, D, E)Nup133phNUP133 (E)Swe1pPKMYT1 (C, D)
Did4pCHMP2A (A, B, C, D)Oac1pSLC25A34 (A, B, C, D)Swh1pOSBP (A, B, C, D)
Dip5pSLC7A4 (A)Otu2 pOTUD6B (A, B, C, D)Swi1pAR15B (D)
Dml1pMSTO1 (C, D)Pdc1pHPCL (D)Syf1pXAB2 (A, C, D)
Dpb11pTopBP1 (E)Pet191pMGC52110 (C)Tom1pHUWE1 (C, D)
Dst1pTCEA1 (A, B, C, D)Pfa4pZDHHC6 (C, D)Tpm2pTPM3 (A)
Dun1pCHEK2 (B, C, D, E)Ppa2pIPYR (D)Trx1pTXN (A, B, D)
Ecm16pDHX37 (A, B, C, D, E)Pph21pPPP2CB (A, D); PPP2C (A, B, C)Tsc11pRICTOR (C, D)
Elg1pFRAG1 (E)Prc1pPPGB (A, C, D)Tub2pTUBB2C (A, B, C); TBB2 (D)
Emi2pHKDC1 (C, D)Pry1pGAPR1 (B, C, D)Ubp11pUBP21 (D)
Ena1pATP2C1 (D)Ptc3pPPM1G (A, C); PP2CA (D)Urm1pC9orf74 (A, C, D)
Ena2pATP2C1 (D)Pus9pRPUSD2 (A, C, D)Utp22pNOL6 (A, B, C, D)
Ena5pAT2A1 (D)Pyc2pPC (A, C, D)Vma2pATP6V1B2 (A, B); ATP6V1B1 (C, D)
Eug1pP4HB (A, C); PDIA3 (D)Rad1pERCC4 (A, B, C, D, E)Ybl104CpFLJ20323 (A, C, D)
Gda1pENTPD6 (A, C, D); ENTPD5 (B)Rev7phREV7 (E)Ydr066CpC1orf82 (A)
Hac1pXBP1 (E)Rfc4pRFC2 (A, B, C, D)Yel077CpLOC642662 (B)
Hop1pHORMAD2 (A); HORMAD1 (C, D, E)Rli1pABCE1 (A, B, C, D, E)Yfr044CpCNDP2 (A, B, D)
Ime2pICK (A, C, D)Rpl12BpRPL12 (A, C, D)Ygl059WpPDK4 (A); BCKDK (D)
Lcb4pSPHK2 (A, C); SPHK1 (D)Rpo21pPOLR2A (A, B, C, D)Yhr135CpCSNK1G1 (A, C, D)
Lhs1pSH3KBP1 (A) HYOU1 (B, C, D)Rrm3pC15orf20 (A, C, D)Yir035CpHSD11B1 (A, D)
Lsb1pGRB2 (C); SH3D19 (D)Sam1pMAT1A (A, D); MAT2A (B, C)Ypk1pSGK2 (A, B, C, D)
Mch2pSLC16A6 (A, D)Sdc25pSOS1 (D)
  • Searches for human homologs to the 172 proteins encoded by the genes identified in the primary screen for CF loss were carried out using Inparanoid (A), HomoloGene (B), OrthoMCL (C), BLASTP (D), and PubMed (E). Any protein with an identified homolog is listed and the search program(s) that identified the human homolog are denoted by the letters in parentheses, which refer to the search programs above.