Likelihood-ratio test statistics

ModelnpaLikelihoodParameters estimatesbPositively selected sites
M01−2660.10Embedded ImageNone
Site-specific models
    M1a (nearly neutral)2−2630.37Embedded ImageNot allowed
Embedded Image
Branch-site modelsc
    Model A ω2 = 13−2622.02Embedded ImageNot allowed
(Embedded Image)
Embedded Image
    Model A Embedded Image4−2617.38Embedded ImageFor foreground lineage: 152, 196, 230, 250, 266, 296, 308
(Embedded Image) = 0.234
Embedded Image
  • a Number of free parameters.

  • b ω, dN/dS ratio; p, proportion of sites.

  • c The foreground lineage corresponds to the Lgals6 lineage (see Figure 4); the positively selected sites were determined with the posterior probabilities of the Bayesian empirical Bayes procedure.