Summary of various double mutants

Genes affectedGenotype assayedXX phenotypeaXO phenotypeaStable strain? (no.)
Cb-tra-2 and Cb-tra-3Cb-tra-2(ed23ts) dpy(sy5148) II; Cb-tra-3(ed24ts) IVImperfectly Tra pseudomalesNormal, fertile malesYes (DP368)
Cb-tra-2 and Cb-tra-1Cb-tra-2(ed23ts) dpy(sy5148) II; Cb-tra-1(nm2) IIIStrongly Tra pseudomalesNDNo
Cb-tra-3 and Cb-tra-1Cb-tra-3(ed24ts) IV; Cb-tra-1(nm2) IIIStrongly Tra pseudomalesNDNo
Cb-tra-2 and Cb-fem-2Cb-tra-2(ed23ts) dpy(sy5148) II; Cb-fem-2(nm27) IIIHermaphroditeHermaphroditeYes (DP369)
Cb-tra-3 and Cb-fem-2Cb-tra-3(ed24ts) IV; Cb-fem-2(nm27) IIIHermaphroditeHermaphroditeYes (DP372)
  • a Assayed at 25° when any temperature-sensitive alleles were present. ND, no data.