Summary of masculinizing C. briggsae mutations

AlleleTra phenotypeLinkage group [marker allele]Candidate linkageFails to complementSequence lesion
nm2Very strong, male mating behavior; XX homozygotes produce “ooids” late, infertileIII [Cb-cby-1 and let(nm28)]Cb-tra-1NDQ512stop
nm10Incomplete, blunt tail, some mating behavior, infertile, dominant male FogIII [Cb-let(nm28)]Cb-tra-1NDQ489stop
nm30Incomplete, XX homozygotes produce oocytes, occasional embryosNDCb-tra-1NDIntron 2 5′ splice site
ed23tsIncomplete, occasional Pvl, complete rescue at 15°II [Cb-cby-15)]Cb-tra-2nm1D587A
nm1IncompleteII [Cb-dpy(nm4)]Cb-tra-2ed23tsR1197stop
nm9tsIncomplete, frequent Pvl, complete rescue at 15°II [Cb-dpy(nm4)]NDed23tsP1214L
nm21Incomplete, dominant at 25°II [Cb-dpy(nm4)]NDed23tsND
nm29IncompleteII [Cb-dpy(nm4)]Cb-tra-2ed23tsND
nm36tsIncomplete, frequent Pvl, complete rescue at 15°IICb-tra-2ed23tsND
ed24tsIncomplete, strongly zygotic phenotype, partial rescue at 15°IV [Cb-cby-7]Cb-tra-3Cb-tra-3 (nm65)None found
nm65Incomplete, maternally rescuedIVaTargeted deletioned24tsDeletes exons 2 and 3
  • Fog, feminized germ cells; ts, temperature sensitive; Pvl, protruding vulva.

  • a Linkage group was inferred from the position of the fingerprint contig containing Cb-tra-3 (cb25.fpc4250) in the preliminary C. briggsae polymorphism map.