HIS3pJJ217HIS3 to replace his3-Δ200 in F1225 and F1227Jones and Prakash (1990)
NatMX4pAG25Nourseothricin-resistance gene inserted into YCL033C near HIS4 in YFS617Goldstein and McCusker (1999)
KanMX4pFA6 KanMX4Source of kanamycin-resistance gene in YFS618 and YFS703Güldener et al. (1996)
his4-IR9pDN22Poorly repairable marker introduced into YFS618 and YFS706Nag and Petes (1991)
HphMX4pAG32Hygromycin-resistance gene replaces MSH4 in YFS617 and YFS618; inserted at LEU2 in YFS706 and YFS712Goldstein and McCusker (1999)
BleMX4pUG66Bleomycin-resistance gene replaces MSH4 by loxP in YFS703 and YFS706Güldener et al. (1996)
URA3pLG54Source of URA3 gene inserted into SPO13 near the ARG4 locus in YFS617 and YFS706Gilbertson and Stahl (1996)
arg4-1691-loppLG55Poorly repairable marker introduced into YFS618 and YFS703Gilbertson and Stahl (1996)
TRP1pRS304Source of TRP1 gene introduced at YHR032W in YFS703 and YFS711Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
tam1Δ∷KANMX4pYORC-YOL104CDelete TAM1 in F1209 and F1210
HPHMX4pAG32Delete TAM1 in YFS617 and YFS618Goldstein and McCusker (1999)
ARG4HpaI-SalIpLG56Insert ARG4Hpa1-SalI into YFS637Gilbertson and Stahl (1996)
ARG4HpaI-lopCpLG57Insert ARG4HpaI-lopC into YFS637Gilbertson and Stahl (1996)