Segregation of silent markers in crossover and noncrossover conversions of arg4

Silent markerCrossoversNoncrossovers
Normal 4:4ConversionNormal 4:4Conversion
  • The map distances for the bracketing interval LEU-URA were 11.8 ± 1.1 cM and 11.3 ± 0.8 cM for the PRM and WRM crosses, respectively.

  • a Six 6:2, four 5:3, one 7:1 four-strand double crossover.

  • b Eight 6:2, three 5:3.

  • c For the PRM, the probability that chance alone could account for the excess of 4:4 segregants among the noncrossovers as compared with the crossovers (anticipated from previous studies; see text) is 0.07 (one-tailed Fisher exact test) and 0.04 (one-tailed z-test). If the 7:1 four-strand double crossover for the PRM were counted twice, the P-value for the Fisher exact test would be 0.05.

  • d All 6:2.