Yeast strains

AS4MATα trp1-1 tyr7-1 ade6 ura3-52 arg4-17Stapleton and Petes (1991)
AS13MATa ade6 ura3-52 CAN1 leu2-BstStapleton and Petes (1991)
F1209MATα arg4-1691-lop his3−Δ200 lys-HpaI-HindII leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI spo13URA3-loxPGilbertson and Stahl (1996)
F1210MATa ARG4HpaI-lopC his3-Δ200 lys-HpaI-HindII leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI trp1-ΔXbaI DFFLEU2-loxPGilbertson and Stahl (1996)
F1225MATa ade2-EcoRV-XhoI leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 lys2-HpaI-KpnI trp1-ΔXbaI arg4-1691-lop his3-Δ200Jasper Rine
F1227MATα lys2-HpaI-HindIII leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI DFFLEU2-loxP his3-Δ200 spo13URA3-loxPJasper Rine
F1231MATa/MATα arg4-1691-lop/arg4-BglII-ClaI his3-Δ200/his3-Δ200 lys2-HpaI-HindIII/ lys2-HpaI-HindIII leu2-ΔKpnI/leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52/ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI/ade2-EcoRV-XhoI TRP1/trp1-ΔXbaI DFFLEU2-loxP spo13URA3-loxPLaboratory collection (Rine background)
F1232MATa arg4-1691-ΔSalI his3-Δ200 lys2-HpaI-HindIII leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI trp1-ΔXbaILaboratory collection (Rine background)
YFS26F1210 tam1Δ∷KANMX4This study
YFS27F1209 tam1Δ∷KANMX4This study
YFS40Diploid: F1209 × F1210 (NDJ1 Rine background)This study
YFS41Diploid: YFS26 × YFS27 (ndj1 Rine background)This study
YFS617F1225 TRP1 ARG4 HIS3 spo13URA3-loxP YCL033CNatMX4This study
YFS618F1227 his4-IR9 arg4-1691-lop FUS1KanMX4This study
YFS621Diploid: YFS617 × YFS618 (MSH4 NDJ1 Rine background)This study
YFS634YFS617 msh4Δ∷HphMX4This study
YFS635YFS618 msh4Δ∷HphMX4This study
YFS636Diploid: YFS634 × YFS635 (msh4 Rine background)This study
YFS637MATα arg4 his3-Δ200 lys-HpaI-HindIII leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI DFF∷LEU2-loxP spo13URA3-loxPThis study
YFS638MATα ARG4Hpa1-SalI his3-Δ200 lys-HpaI-HindIII leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI DFFLEU2-loxP spo13URA3-loxPThis study
YFS639MATα ARG4HpaI-lopC his3-Δ200 lys-HpaI-HindIII leu2-ΔKpnI ura3-52 ade2-EcoRV-XhoI DFFLEU2-loxP spo13URA3-loxPThis study
YFS641Diploid: F1232 × YFS638 (WRM, Rine background)This study
YFS642Diploid: F1232 × YFS639 (PRM, Rine background)This study
YFS644YFS617 tam1Δ∷HPHMX4This study
YFS645YFS618 tam1Δ∷HPHMX4This study
YFS646Diploid: YFS644 × YFS645 (ndj1 Rine background)This study
YFS703AS4 leu2ΔloxP FUS1Δ∷KanMX4 DFFLEU2 arg4-1691-lop trp1-1Δ∷loxP YHR032WTRP1This study
YFS706AS13 his4-IR9 YCL033CNatMX4 spo13URA3 TRP1Δ∷loxP leu2Δ∷loxPΔHphMX4This study
YFS707Diploid: YFS703 × YFS706 (MSH4 Petes background)This study
YFS711YFS703 msh4Δ∷loxPThis study
YFS712YFS706 msh4Δ∷loxPThis study
YFS713Diploid: YFS711 × YFS712 (msh4 Petes background)This study