daf-2 allele class-specific epistasis and traits

daf-2 allele
Class 1Class 2
Interacting mutation/treatmente1371e1368e1365m577sa193m596m41m212e1369m579e1370e1391e979Source
Daf-c/larval arrest
daf-12(m20)SSSSSSSEECGems et al. (1998)
din-1S(dh127)SSNaNaLudewig et al. (2004)
Δ4-dafachronic acidS(S)Motola et al. (2006)
rop-1(pk93)(S)(S)EELabbé et al. (2000)
soc-1(n1789)S(S)Hopper (2006)
daf-12(m20)(S)(S)(S)(S)NEEEGems et al. (1998)
soc-1(n1789)NEHopper (2006)
daf-9(rh50)(S)(S)/EbGerisch et al. (2001)
Whole gonad ablationNEEEHsin and Kenyon (1999)
Hyp phenotypecSHSHSHSH++d++++++Scott et al. (2002)
  • daf-2 alleles are listed in approximate order of increasing severity of the Daf-c phenotype within each allele class. S, full suppression. (S), partial suppression. E, enhancement. N, little effect. C, complex interaction. —, not determined.

  • a Tested for suppression, but not for enhancement.

  • b Weakly suppressed at 15°, enhanced at 22.5°.

  • c SH, sensitive to hypoxia. +, resistant to hypoxia, but >10% death. ++, <10% death under hypoxia.

  • d Identified in Scott et al. (2002) as e979 (C. M. Crowder, personal communication). This mistake was due to the m41 allele being misidentified as e979 when initially sent from the Gems laboratory to the Caenorhabditis Genetics Center. Only class 2 alleles show a high level of resistance to hypoxia.