Summary of germinal adjacent deletions derived from Mu-insertion alleles

LocusAlleleMu insertionNo. adjacent deletionsGenic deletion (bp)RateSource
adh1Adh1-S3034Mu1174NDaTaylor and Walbot (1985)
bz2bz2∷mu1Mu13∼75–77b∼2.5% (3/118)Levy and Walbot (1991)
dmc1admc1a-93F11Mu1000/1,250S. Liu and P. S. Schnable (unpublished data)
hcf106hcf106-mum1Mu11244∼0.3% (1/350)cDas and Martienssen (1995)
pdc1pdc1-mu4365dMuDR1202∼0.2% (1/550)Y. Fu and P. S. Schnable (unpublished data)
rad51A1rad51A1-54F11dMuDR1363NDLi et al. (2007)
rad51A2rad51A2-98E7dMuDR4∼69–179∼0.8% (4/500)
rf2arf2a-m8122dMu10NAe0/1,200D. Skibbe and P. S. Schnable (unpublished data)
rth1rth1-2Mu71383∼0.02% (1/5,400)Wen et al. (2005)
  • a No data.

  • b Includes a partial deletion of Mu1 (16–22 bp). All other adjacent deletion alleles listed in this table have intact Mu transposons.

  • c Two recovered Mu-insertion alleles are not included.

  • d This allele was described by Cui et al. (2003).

  • e Not applicable.