Epistatic interactions between QTL

Epistatic effects58.8b57.356.841.834.829.626.517.635.9
a. Epistatic interactions between the two major QTL for grain yield on chromosomes 2BL and 3BS
Grain yield (q ha−1)
QYld.idw-2B × QYld.idw-3B
    a (Xgwm1027)0.481.541.141.520.350.57
    a (Xbarc133)−0.36−1.49−1.48−1.11−0.23−0.52
    a × a parental genotypesc0.391.571.000.770.160.47
    a × a recombinant genotypesd−0.39−1.57−1.00−0.77−0.16−0.47
Heading date (days)
QHd.idw-2B.1 × QHd.idw-3B
    a (Xgwm1027)−0.5−0.4
    a (Xbarc133)0.50.5
    a × a parental genotypes−0.5−0.5
    a × a recombinant genotypes0.50.5
Plant height (cm)
QPht.idw-2B × QPht.idw-3B
    a (Xgwm1027)
    a (Xbarc133)−1.2−1.7−2.9−1.1−1.9−1.6−0.9−2.1−1.2
    a × a parental genotypes1.
    a × a recombinant genotypes−1.4−1.8−2.4−1.2−1.4−1.9−1.1−1.8−1.2
Epistatic effects58.8b57.356.854.043.117.6
b. Epistatic interactions between other major QTL
Heading date (days)
QHd.idw-2A.2 × QHd.idw-7B
    a (Xgwm1198)1.01.2
    a (Xbarc1005)−0.6−0.6
    a × a parental genotypesc0.20.4
    a × a recombinant genotypesd0.20.4
QHd.idw-2A.2 × QHd.idw-2B.1
    a (Xwmc177)0.8
    a (Xgwm429)−0.4
    a × a parental genotypes0.4
    a × a recombinant genotypes0.4
Plant height (cm)
QPht.idw-2B × QPht.idw-7A
    a (gwm1027)1.01.8
    a (cfa2028)0.92.3
    a × a parental genotypes0.61.0
    a × a recombinant genotypes0.61.0
QPht.idw-3B × QPht.idw-7A
    a (Xbarc133)−2.5−2.0
    a (Xcfa2028)2.11.2
    a × a parental genotypes0.50.2
    a × a recombinant genotypes0.50.2
  • Additive and epistatic effects for the QTL with a significant epistatic interaction are shown. For each environment with a significant epistatic effect and for the mean data across all environments, the additive (regular font) and epistatic (italic font) values were calculated according to a linear two-marker model using the marker most associated to each QTL peak.

  • a Environments are listed according to the decreasing mean grain yield value of the RILs.

  • b Mean grain yield (q ha−1) of each environment.

  • c Parental genotypes: KK1stQTLKK2ndQTL and SS1stQTLSS2ndQTL.

  • d Recombinant genotypes: KK1stQTLSS2ndQTL and SS1stQTLKK2ndQTL.