QTL number and R2 range in the 16 environments

Unique QTLQTL common to different environments
TraitOne environment (no.)R2 (range) (%)Two environments (no.)R2 (range) (%)Three or more environments (no.)R2 (range) (%)
Grain yield144.1–13.5024.1–17.3
Heading date73.4–6.733.8–53.954.1–27.5
Plant height43.9–6.013.6–4.863.1–15.8
  • The number and R2 range of QTL identified in the 16 environments for grain yield, heading date, and plant height are shown. The number of QTL identified in a single environment, in two environments, and across three or more environments is summarized. Results from the CIM (LOD > 2.5) are reported. Only QTL with the R2 value >1% were considered. QTL were considered common to different environments when the corresponding chromosome peak positions were located within 20 cM.