Mean phenotypic values of parents and RILs and heritability values across environments

Parental cvs.aRILsb
Grain yield (q ha−1)39.639.039.335.90.67
Heading datec (days)114.3114.2114.3115.30.95
Plant height (cm)797678760.91
  • Means of the parental cultivars (Svevo and Kofa) and means and heritability values (h2) of the 249 RILs for grain yield, heading date, and plant height are shown. The summary statistics were calculated using the data from the 16 environments.

  • a Statistics calculated from the average of 20 replicated plots per experiment, as in the augmented design experimental scheme adopted in this study.

  • b Statistics calculated from the best linear unbiased predictor data (field experiments with unreplicated plots).

  • c Days from emergence.