Data summary

Sequenced mutations237227
Mutations at locus207227
Fraction at locus0.871.00
Mutation rate to resistance5.4315.2
Rate of loss of function of locus4.7415.20
Nonsense mutations found6470
    Fraction of total mutations0.310.31
    No. of unique nonsense mutations4254
    Fraction of possible unique nonsense mutations observed0.340.24
Missense mutations found10380
    Fraction of total mutations0.500.35
    No. of unique missense mutations6663
    Insertion/deletion/other mutations found4077
    Fraction of total mutations0.190.34
Base pairs8041773
Possible substitutions (bp × 3)24125319
Possible nonsense substitutions123226
    Possible nonsense substitutions leading to resistancea123226
    Fraction of nonsense substitutions leading to resistancea11
Possible missense substitutions22895093
    Possible missense substitutions at URA3 leading to resistance193
    Possible missense substitutions at CAN1 leading to resistance264
    Fraction of missense substitutions leading to resistance0.080.05
Target size for loss of function via base pair substitution (bp)104163
Target size for loss of function via insertion/deletion/otherb (bp)8041773
Effective target size (bp)125236
Phenotypic mutation rate (10−8)5.431.52
Mutation rate at locus (10−8)4.751.52
Mutation rate per base pair at locus (10−10)3.806.44
  • a We assume that all nonsense mutations result in loss of function.

  • b We assume that all insertion/deletion/other mutations result in loss of function; therefore the target size for these mutations is the size of the gene.