Means and associated standard errors in generations P1, P2, F1 and NILs and their triple testcross progenies with testers P1, P2, and F1 as well as midparent heterosis (MPH), heritability (h2), and coefficient of variation (CV) for growth-related traits in Arabidopsis hybrid C24 × Col-0

GenerationsNaRD22 (mm)RD29 (mm)GR (mm/day)LA22 (mm2)LA29 (mm2)DMC (%)BY (mg)
P11238.18 (a)79.38 (a, b)5.89 (b, c)507.2 (a, b)2405 (a, b)7.02 (a, b)54.53 (a, b)
P21239.34 (a, b)81.89 (b, c)6.08 (c)497.4 (a, b)2393 (a, b)7.48 (d, e)59.54 (c, d, e)
P1 × P21246.94 (e)99.60 (e)7.52 (f)701.6 (f)3435 (e)6.94 (a, b)80.70 (g)
P2 × P11242.02 (c, d)91.81 (d)7.11 (e)551.8 (c, d)2925 (c)6.91 (a)62.46 (c, d, e)
MPH (%)b14.8 ± 0.618.7 ± 0.422.3 ± 1.924.8 ± 0.232.5 ± 0.1−4.4 ± 1.225.5 ± 0.7
NIL12839.00 (a, b)76.23 (a)5.32 (a)517.4 (a, c)2301 (a)6.90 (a)53.42 (a)
P1 × NIL12840.37 (b, c)80.37 (b)5.72 (b)556.3 (d)2492 (b)7.10 (b)59.18 (b, c)
P2 × NIL12846.41 (e)96.59 (e)7.17 (f, e)673.9 (f)3207 (d)6.91 (a)72.32 (f)
F1 × NIL12842.91 (d)88.89 (d)6.57 (d)599.7 (e)2849 (c)6.90 (a)63.94 (d, e)
NIL22839.54 (a, b)82.24 (b, c)6.10 (c)490.3 (a)2487 (b)7.34 (c, d)59.34 (b, d)
P1 × NIL22851.39 (f)103.48 (f)7.44 (f, e)830.9 (g)3792 (f)6.94 (a, b)91.37 (h)
P2 × NIL22841.48 (c, d)84.36 (c)6.13 (c)540.6 (b, c, d)2506 (b)7.47 (e)64.75 (e)
F1 × NIL22846.22 (e)89.89 (d)6.24 (c)675.5 (f)2924 (c)7.28 (c)75.84 (f, g)
h2 (%)c0.83 ± 0.040.78 ± 0.050.68 ± 0.070.83 ± 0.030.78 ± 0.050.66 ± 0.070.75 ± 0.05
CV (%)9.410.
  • For a description of growth-related traits see materials and methods. Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P < 0.05 based on pairwise comparisons (t-test) using the insert-and-absorb algorithm with sweeping.

  • a The number of entries.

  • b MPH (%) = 100 × Embedded Image, where Embedded Image and Embedded Image.

  • c h2 (%) refers to the heritability on an NIL-entry-mean basis by using pooled estimates of variance components across the NILs and their triple testcross progenies.