Analysis of variance of design III evaluated in a randomized complete block design

Source of variationd.f.aExpected mean squareb
Replicationsr − 1
Parental lines (P)1
Z1n − 1Embedded Image
    Marker m1Embedded Image
    Remainder Z1(m)nm − 2Embedded Image
Z2n − 1Embedded Image
    Marker m1Embedded Image
    Remainder Z2(m)nm − 2Embedded Image
Error(2n − 1)(r − 1)Embedded Image
  • Sums of squares for pair means Z1 and pair differences Z2 were subdivided into orthogonal contrasts allowing the comparison of genotypic classes at marker m.

  • a r, number of replicates; n, number of RILs; nm, number of RILs genotyped at marker m,

  • nm = nm0 + nm2 with nm0 and nm2 referring to the number of RILs with marker genotypes 0 and 2, respectively.

  • b Embedded Image and Embedded Image refer to the variance of residual genotypic effects in Z1 and Z2 not accounted for by the mth marker. Embedded Image error variance.