The 12 environments used in the MET analysis

AD94Johnston, Iowa1994No41.68−93.71
CI95Champaign, Illinois1995No40.11−88.43
GC95Garden City, Kansas1995Yes37.83−100.86
MR95Marion, Iowa1995No42.10−91.62
NP94North Platte, Nebraska1994Yes41.10−100.79
NP95North Platte, Nebraska1995Yes41.10−100.79
PR95Princeton, Illinois1995No41.44−89.48
SV94Shelbyville, Illinois1994No39.72−89.10
SV95Shelbyville, Illinois1995No39.72−89.10
WN94Windfall, Indiana1994No40.33−85.84
YA95Princeton, Indiana1995No38.11−87.78
YK94York, Nebraska1994Yes40.85−97.53
  • All these environments were located in the U.S. corn belt and evaluated in 1994 and 1995. The first column gives the name of the environment (corresponding to each location, year combination) that is used in the text and the figures. The irrigation column indicates whether or not there was irrigation at a particular location. Finally, the geographical positions of the trials are defined in the latitude and longitude columns.