Position and duration of MPK-1 activation (dpMPK-1) in C. elegans germline development

HermaphroditeaYoung adult femalebMalec
Position/stageProximal pachytene (peak)Diplotene/early diakinesis (valley)-1 through -5 oocytes (peak)Newly formed diakinesis oocyte (peak)Proximal transition zone/distal pachytene (peak)
Duration∼18 hr (sustained)∼160 min (sustained)∼110 min (sustained)∼30 min (transient)∼6 hr (sustained)
  • Duration estimated from the length in cell diameters displaying dpMPK-1 above background relative to the time required for a germ cell to transit through the relevant region of the germline as determined by Cy3-dUTP pulse-chase studies or time-lapse video analysis (McCarter et al. 1999; Jaramillo-Lambert et al. 2007).

  • a Hermaphrodite ∼24 hr post L4.

  • b Young adult female 6–8 hr post L4.

  • c Male ∼24 hr post L4.