List of the traits analyzed

BARE (barren nodes)Number of barren nodes on the main stalk above the uppermost primary lateral branchCount
BRLG (branch length)Length of the primary lateral branchCentimeters
BRNO (branch number)Number of primary lateral branchesCount
COBDEar diameterMillimeters
CULM (culm diameter)Diameter of the primary stalkMillimeters
CUPRa (cupules per rank)Number of cupules in a single rankCount
GLUMa (glume score)Hardness and protrusion of the outer glumeScore (1–7, 1 = maize)
INFL (inflorescence length)Length of the primary lateral inflorescenceMillimeters
KERNa (kernel weight)Average kernel weightMilligrams
LBILaAverage length of the primary lateral branch internodesCentimeters
LBNNNumber of nodes on the primary lateral branchCount
LCS (length of central spike)Length of the primary tassel central spikeCentimeters
LIBNaNumber of branches in the primary lateral inflorescenceCount
PLHT (plant height)Length of the primary stalk from the ground to the tip of the primary tasselCentimeters
POLL (days to pollen)Days to first pollen shedDays
PROLa (prolificacy)Number of inflorescences on the primary lateral branchCount
RANKaNumber of internode columns (ranks) on the primary lateral inflorescenceCount
SPKLT (spikelet length)Average spikelet length of the primary tasselMillimeters
TBN (tassel branch number)Branch number of the primary tasselCount
TBS (branching space)Branching space of the primary tasselCentimeters
TILL (tillering)Ratio of the sum of all tiller lengths to PLHTRatio
STAMa (staminate score)Fraction of the primary lateral inflorescence internodes that are male (staminate)Number
  • a A trait evaluated in two maize × teosinte F2 populations (Doebley and Stec 1993; Doebley et al. 1994).