Phenotypes following shift-up of mpk-1(ga111) to 25°

% hermaphrodite gonad arms with indicated phenotype
Pachytene cellular organizationProximal pachytene nucleiNormal diakinetic nuclei
GenotypeGaps in sheet of cellsInternal cells/nucleiPycnotic nucleiaDisorganized oocytesEmoNormal spermMitotic zone sizen
Embryo shift-up
Wild type00001000010018 ± 2.122
mpk-1(ga111)97418491199169718 ± 2.332
L4 shift-up
Wild type00001000010019 ± 1.822
mpk-1(ga111)9460666616419719 ± 2.632
  • The temperature-sensitive mpk-1(ga111) is described in Lackner and Kim (1998). Animals were collected for gonad dissection 24 hr post L4 at 25°.

  • a Pycnotic nuclei can contain HIM-3 aggregates.